Georgia: Growth Recovery Support Program

Evaluation Document | 21 December 2017

This project performance evaluation report was undertaken to assess the performance of the Growth Recovery Support Program (GRSP) in Georgia, and to identify lessons and recommendations for future Asian Development Bank (ADB) operations.

The Growth Recovery Support Program (GRSP) was designed to partially mitigate the adverse economic and social impact of the global economic crisis and to revitalize Georgia’s economy and return it to its pre-crisis trajectory of growth and social development. Overall, the evaluation rated the GRSP successful. The evaluation considered it relevant, effective, efficient, and likely sustainable. The performance of both the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the borrower was assessed to have been satisfactory. The evaluation offered three lessons: (i) the government’s strong capacity and diligent response were instrumental in the quick and smooth processing of the program, (ii) the quick response and collaboration of development partners were vital in engaging the government, and (iii) continued engagement and reforms are necessary.