Green Climate Fund: Proposed Participation by the Asian Development Bank through the Accreditation Master Agreement

Institutional Document | July 2017

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) was established by 194 governments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries, and to help vulnerable societies adapt to the unavoidable impacts of climate change.

Being able to access and deploy GCF funds is critical for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to scale up the delivery of climate financing to its developing member countries, beyond its own resources. GCF funds will be transferred to and administered by accredited entities, including ADB, under the accreditation master agreement (AMA)—a framework agreement that provides for the overarching rights and obligations of ADB and GCF. This paper seeks approval for ADB’s participation in GCF by execution of the AMA. 

The President recommends that the Board approve ADB entering an accreditation master agreement with the Green Climate Fund, substantially in the form of the draft attached hereto.


  • The Proposal
  • Background
  • The Green Climate Fund
  • The Proposed Arrangements
  • Risks and Mitigation
  • The President's Recommendation
  • Appendix

Additional Details

  • Climate change

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