Guidance on Shopping Method of Procurement

Business Document | June 2013

These Guidelines apply to all projects with concept notes approved before 1 July 2017.

This note gives guidance on the use of shopping as a procurement method. It is considered as a local procurement method conducted within a borrowing member country, although foreign bidders from other ADB member countries have the right to offer quotations in a shopping procedure. Shopping is intended to be a simple and rapid procurement method, but is one of the least competitive procurement methods and may be abused.

Shopping may be used when more competitive methods are not justified on the basis of cost or efficiency such as:

  • To procure small amounts of off-the-shelf goods or standard specification commodities;
  • To engage contractors for simple civil works of small value; and
  • To procure contracts with a combination of off-the-shelf goods and very urgent minor civil works such as in emergency projects or for urgent relief-type operations including re-establishment of vital services like utilities, communications, shelter, and vital supplies which stem from disasters or conflict.