High-Level Technology

Business Guide | June 2018

High-level technology (HLT) has the potential to generate considerable benefits, enabling developing member countries to “leapfrog” and avoid investment in soon-to-be-obsolete technologies.

ADB promotes attention to and support for HLT and innovative solutions in its investment lending and technical assistance. The goal is to facilitate the adoption of HLT by ADB’s developing member countries. This guidance note is provided to assist country teams, executing agencies, and other ADB partners on how to integrate HLT and innovative solutions, and their related procurement dimensions, into ADB-supported operations. The focus is on capturing both costs and benefits in the analysis of options based on the overriding consideration of value for money, in accordance with ADB’s principle-based procurement policy.

Video: How is High-level Technology applied to procurements in ADB projects?


  • Introduction
  • The Innovation Cycle
  • High-Level Technology in ADB Operations
  • Procurement Strategies for High-Level Technology
  • Value for Money
  • Contracting Consulting Services