Impact Evaluation of ADB Supported Interventions in Bangladesh’s Secondary Education Sector

Evaluation Document | 8 August 2013
ONGOING EVALUATION. This approach paper presents the rationale, objectives, scope, and timeline for a study that will evaluate the impact of several interventions that ADB has supported in Bangladesh's secondary education subsector.

ONGOING EVALUATION. Since the early 1990s, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has provided substantial support to the Government of Bangladesh to develop and strengthen secondary education. ADB will continue to invest in this sector given its importance to Bangladesh's development. However, the impact of these investments has so far not been rigorously evaluated. As such, the findings of this study are expected to inform future decision-making in this area.

The study aims to evaluate the impact of ADB's core interventions in secondary education in Bangladesh. These include the provision of stipends and tuition waivers, building schools in remote areas and classrooms in overcrowded schools, and various reform and capacity building interventions; among them, revising and harmonizing the national curriculum and exam system, developing and disseminating textbooks, teacher training, and management decentralization.