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Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

India: Agribusiness Infrastructure Development Investment Program

Evaluation Document | 26 June 2020

ADB approved the Agribusiness Infrastructure Development Investment Program in September 2010.The program was designed as a multitranche financing facility (MFF) to invest in physical and institutional links along horticultural value chains by (i) supporting site development and agribusiness infrastructure (such as storage facilities, cold chains, and product grading); (ii) linking infrastructure to ensure connectivity (such as roads from production areas to collection points); (iii) providing backward linkages to the production areas through contract farming and producer companies; and (iv) building capacities to strengthen technical and managerial skills along the value chain. The program was to cover selected regions in the states of Bihar and Maharashtra. The MFF was envisaged to have four tranches. Tranche 1 was to establish two integrated value chains (IVC) that will involve agribusiness facilities, post-handling systems, and other ancillary infrastructure for horticulture products in the regions of Muzaffarpur and Patna–Nalanda in the State of Bihar. Tranche 2 was approved in December 2011 to expand agriculture value chains in the regions of Nashik and Aurangabad–Amravati in the State of Maharashtra. There were no subsequent tranches approved after tranche 2.

ADB prepared two completion reports, a project completion report (PCR) for tranche 2 in 2017 and a facility completion report (FCR) in 2019. This validation pertains to the FCR. Tranche 2 PCR was validated in 2018. IED overall assessment: Unsuccessful.