India: Country Partnership Strategy (2013-2017)

Institutional Document | October 2013

This Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) defines ADB's strategic approach in India for 2013-2017. It is aligned with Strategy 2020 and India's Twelfth Five Year Plan, consistent with ADB's comparative strengths, and complements efforts by its development partners.

The new CPS, covering 2013-2017, is guided by five basic principles: (i) respond to client demands, (ii) expand and incorporate lessons from past work that was done well, (iii) take advantage of ADB's strengths and align with Strategy 2020 priorities, (iv) avoid duplicating work done well by others, and (v) ensure innovation and value addition. In line with the government's development agenda and ADB's Strategy 2020, the new CPS will support three strategic pillars: inclusive growth, environmental sustainability, and regional cooperation and integration; these were also central to the previous CPS, and remain valid in the new CPS.


  • Development Trends and Issues
  • The Country Strategy
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Results Management
  • Appendixes