India: Country Partnership Strategy (2023–2027)

Institutional Document | May 2023

This Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) defines ADB's strategic approach in India for 2023-2027.

This Country Partnership Strategy (CPS), 2023-2027 for India is well aligned with India’s national development priorities to be achieved by 2047, when the country marks 100 years of independence. Economic and sector reforms and national flagship programs embody the national priorities.

The CPS will advance Strategy 2030’s seven operational priorities. As it aims to help India return to its development trajectory, it will support better health, education, and social protection and improved urban livability and rural development while ensuring gender empowerment. The CPS will channel financing and expertise toward strengthened policies, plans, and institutions for achieving net-zero carbon emissions. The CPS emphasizes country-focused approaches and sets a framework to tailor ADB programs to the needs of states and districts with different development challenge levels and complexities. It will leverage India’s unique position to deepen regional cooperation and integration in South Asia.


  • Country at a Glance
  • Country Partnership Strategy Snapshot
  • Country Development Context
  • Country Strategy Framework
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • India

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