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Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

India: Uttarakhand State-Road Investment Program (Project 1)

Evaluation Document | 28 January 2019

The Government of India and Uttarakhand State Government saw that increased investment in road infrastructure would lead to improved personal mobility and accessibility, thus, reducing poverty and increasing personal incomes. The state government prepared its $1.2 billion 10-year Road Development Program (RDP) that covered seven sequential projects for implementation between 2007 and 2017. The aim was to improve roads to national standards and maintain the 16,800-kilometer (km) state road network in good condition.

In 2006, upon the request of the central government, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a $550 million multitranche financing facility (MFF) million divided into seven projects to finance part of the program. The first project would finance two components—infrastructure improvement and maintenance of 570 km of roads, and infrastructure management to initiate business processes reengineering of the PWD and increase its staff’s management skills.

This report validates the completion report's assessment of the program. IED overall assessment: Less than successful.