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Indonesia: Country Operations Business Plan (2019-2021)

Institutional Document | September 2018

The country operations business plan (COBP), 2019–2021 of the Asian Development Bank for Indonesia is consistent with ADB’s country partnership strategy (CPS), 2016–2019 for Indonesia and the priorities of the Government of Indonesia under the National Medium-Term Development Plan , 2015–2019. It is broadly in line with the principles and operational priorities of ADB’s new Strategy 2030. 

In support of the government’s ambitious development agenda, ADB’s COBP, 2019–2021 for Indonesia includes increased financial assistance in the CPS core sectors. Crosscutting priority themes include good governance and capacity development, private sector participation, resilience to climate change and disasters, gender equity, and technology and innovation.


  • Consistency of the Business Plan with the Country Partnership Strategy 
  • Indicative Resource Parameters
  • Summary of Changes to Lending and Nonlending Programs
  • Appendixes