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Indonesia: Country Partnership Strategy (2016-2019)

Institutional Document | August 2016

This Country Partnership Strategy defines ADB's strategic approach in Indonesia for 2016–2019.

The Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) 2016–2019 for Indonesia will provide a focused and selective program of lending and knowledge support. It responds to the country’s needs and the government’s priorities, and builds on areas of core competence of ADB. The CPS incorporates lessons from previous CPSs, and is fully in line with the recommendations of the ADB Strategy 2020 midterm review.

The objective of the CPS is to assist Indonesia in achieving more inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth. The CPS will advance three priority areas: (i) improved infrastructure services, (ii) better economic governance, and (iii) enhanced human resource development.


  • Country at a Glance
  • Country Partnership Strategy Snapshot
  • Country Development Context
  • Country Strategy Framework
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Appendixes