Indonesia: Metropolitan Medan Urban Development Project

Evaluation Document | 31 May 2009

Validates the completion report's assessment of the project directed at increasing the capacity and capability of local governments and local water supply enterprises in Indonesia to provide, operate, manage and maintain basic infrastructure and essential urban services and equipment. IED overall assessment: Partly successful.

<ul> <li>Project Basic Data</li> <li>Project Description</li> <li>Evaluation of Performance and Ratings</li> <li>Other Performance Assessments</li> <li>Overall Assessment, Lessons, and Recommendations</li> <li>Monitoring and Evaluation Design, Implementation, and Utilization</li> <li>Other</li> <li>Ratings</li> <li>Comments on PCR Quality</li> <li>Recommendation for IED Follow-Up</li> <li>Data Sources for Validation</li> <li>Regional Department&#39;s Response</li> </ul>