Investor Presentation | Asian Development Bank

Investor Presentation

Institutional Document | March 2018

The ADB Investor Presentation provides an overview of the Asian Development Bank, its operations, and other information relevant to prospective investors.

ADB finances projects and programs in the territories of its developing members. Its main instruments comprise loans, equity investments, guarantees, grants, and technical assistance. ADB also provides policy dialogues and advisory services and mobilizes financial resources through its cofinancing operations.

ADB is a leading AAA borrower in international and domestic capital markets, having issued bonds across various markets in 32 currencies. Borrowings finance Ordinary Capital Resources (OCR) operations. OCR loans are generally made to developing members that have attained a higher level of economic development. ADB’s debt securities carry the highest possible investment ratings from major international credit rating agencies.

Recognizing the importance of sustainable investments in the region, ADB has been investing over $2 billion in clean energy projects each year since 2011. ADB’s Green Bond Framework defines eligible projects to support developing member countries seeking to adapt to and mitigate the consequences of climate change.