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Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

Kyrgyz Republic: CAREC Corridor 1 (Bishkek–Torugart Road) Project 3

Evaluation Document | 7 February 2020

The Bishkek–Torugart road serves several important functions. It is part of the CAREC Corridor 1(c) extending from Troitsk in the Russian Federation to Kashi in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the PRC, and is the shortest route from Bishkek to Kashi. It is the only north–south trunk road in the central Kyrgyz Republic connecting Naryn oblast, the poorest of the Kyrgyz Republic’s seven oblasts, and the city of Naryn to the rest of the country. It is the only road providing direct access to Issyk Kul Lake region, which is one of Central Asia’s well-known tourist destinations. The costly, slow, unreliable, and unsafe travel caused by poor road conditions impedes the development of the entire corridor, particularly Naryn oblast.

In 2008–2009, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) financed the improvement of 114 km (Km 365 to Km 479) of the Bishkek–Torugart road. In 2010, the PRC government financed the improvement of 223 km (from Km 9 to Km 272), which was completed in 2014. In 2012, the Arab Coordination Group financed the improvement of 93 km (Km 272 to Km 365) of the road corridor. The project would improve 60 km of the At Beit–Torugart section (Km 479 to Km 539) approaching the border between the Kyrgyz Republic and the PRC, the last unrehabilitated segment of the road corridor.

This report validates the completion report's assessment of the project. IED overall assessment: Less than successful.