Kyrgyz Republic: Investment Climate Improvement Program

Evaluation Document | 20 October 2015

The Investment Climate Improvement Program was formulated to help create the conditions for sustainable economic growth and employment-generating investments. Three single-tranche subprograms comprised the program, which included policy reforms on business regulation, access to finance, enhancing workers’ skills, and public–private partnerships. These reforms were expected to improve the business environment and investment climate. Subprogram 1 included a policy-based grant, a project grant supporting the development of information technology systems for effective implementation of reforms, and a technical assistance grant to help prepare subprogram 2. Subprogram 2 built on the achievements of subprogram 1, and consisted of a policy-based grant and a TA grant to support the implementation of subprogram 3. Subprogram 3 ended the program cluster by completing the key reforms needed to improve growth prospects and job opportunities.

This report validates the completion report’s assessment of the program. IED overall assessment: Successful.