Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Energy Sector Assessment, Strategy, and Road Map 2013 Update

Institutional Document | June 2013

This transport sector assessment, strategy, and road map highlights development issues, needs and strategic assistance priorities of the Government of the Lao People's Democratic Republic and ADB, with a focus on energy.

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This energy sector assessments, strategies, and road map document updates development issues, needs, and priorities of the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) for Asian Development Bank's (ADB) assistance in the coming years, with a focus on the electricity subsector.

It highlights sector performance, priority development constraints, the government's strategy and plans, other development partner support, lessons learned from past ADB support, and possible future ADB assistance. The product serves as a basis for further dialogue on how ADB and the government can work together to achieve the government's goals of 90% electrification and sustainable development electricity sector in the Lao PDR in coming years.

Government's plans

Development of Lao PDR's energy sector will focus on the twin goals of meeting domestic demand and realizing the country's electricity export potential. Investment in hydropower and other renewable energy sources will be a priority. Energy efficiency is emphasized, including through regional integration, to help optimize energy generation and use among Greater Mekong Subregion countries.


There is a significant knowledge gap between the current capacity of the energy sector and its envisaged role as a major spur to socioeconomic development in the Lao PDR. This gap is illustrated by the lack of a national energy policy framework, without which it is very difficult to reconcile consumer, producer, and market needs and forces.

The knowledge gap is further illustrated by limitations in the government's capacity to keep pace with independent power producers' developments, and in balancing long-term objectives and short-term perspectives (e.g., increased electricity exports independent of development of the national transmission network).

ADB's forward strategy in support of the Lao PDR energy sector is based on prioritization of the list of desired actions, interventions, and projects. Energy sector needs fall into six thematic areas:

  • improved access to electricity,
  • meeting the rapidly increasing domestic demand and grid integration,
  • maximizing the benefits of hydropower export projects,
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency promotion,
  • energy policy and planning, and
  • capacity building.

About this report

ADB prepares sector assessments, strategies, and road maps (ASRs) to help align future ADB support with the needs and strategies of developing member countries and other development partners. ASRs are a working document that helps inform the development of country partnership strategies.


  • Acknowledgments
  • Sector Assessment: Context and Strategic Issues
  • Sector Strategy
  • Sector Road Map and Results Framework
  • Appendixes
  • References

Additional Details

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  • Energy sector governance and reform
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic
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