Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Northern Community-Managed Irrigation Sector Project

Evaluation Document | 28 December 2013
Validates the completion report's assessment of the project, which aimed to improve agricultural production and wage-earning opportunities in selected project areas in Lao People's Democratic Republic. IED overall assessment: Successful

The Community-Managed Irrigation Sector Project (CMISP) had demonstrated the effectiveness of rehabilitating community-managed irrigation (CMI) systems in improving food security and rural livelihoods by strengthening the self-help capacity of rural communities in mountainous rural areas. The project was positioned to further assist the government's efforts in addressing household food insecurity and enabling crop diversification by replicating the successful CMI development models in the northern provinces of Lao People's Democratic Republic.

This report validates the completion report's assessment of the project. IED overall assessment: Successful


  • Project Basic Data
  • Project Description
  • Evaluation of Performance and Ratings
  • Other Performance Assessments
  • Overall Assessment, Lessons, and Recommendations
  • Other Considerations and Follow-up