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Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

Learning Lessons: Managing for Development Results

Evaluation Document | 1 November 2011

Highlights the key lessons and issues in mainstreaming the managing for development results agenda within ADB. Makes recommendations for ensuring better development effectiveness of operations in the future.

ADB introduced the Managing for Development Results (MfDR) agenda in 1999 to boost development effectiveness under its overarching goal of poverty reduction. This edition of Learning Lessons highlights key lessons in mainstreaming that agenda, and makes recommendations for securing better development effectiveness using the agenda.

The study concludes that mainstreaming MfDR has progressed, but ADB needs to continue monitoring the agenda using action plans, as there are areas warranting attention. To better instill the MfDR agenda, the study recommends enhancing country capacities for the agenda through a "strategic, phased engagement," and to improve the corporate results framework by strengthening the links between outputs and outcomes, and improving indicators as a tool to gauge development effectiveness.