Malaysia: Country Operations Business Plan (2011-2012) | Asian Development Bank

Malaysia: Country Operations Business Plan (2011-2012)

Institutional Document | October 2011

The Country Operations Business Plan 2011–2012 for Malaysia describes the consistency of the business plan with the interim country partnership strategy.

The partnership with Malaysia is on an interim basis as this is the first time ADB will be engaging with Malaysia since 1998 on its overall country operations. Accordingly, the scope of activities requested by the government as well as sector and thematic coverage is limited. When the operations are more firmly developed and implemented, and as the relevant stakeholders reach a consensus on the lessons from the interim operations, a country partnership strategy (CPS) can be prepared. This interim CPS covers 2011–2012 and contains an operational pipeline.

This country operations business plan for 2011–2012 is fully aligned with the interim CPS and ADB's regional strategies and programs. ADB's comparative advantage and experience in selected sectors, and in nonsovereign operations, can also benefit Malaysia.


  • Consistency of the Business Plan with the Country Partnership Strategy
  • Indicative Resource Parameters
  • Appendixes