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Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

Mongolia: Education Sector Reform Project

Evaluation Document | 18 May 2020

In 2008, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a grant of $10 million from its Special Funds resources for the Education Sector Reform Project (ESRP) in Mongolia, which was designed to support the country’s transition to a 12-year education system. This major reform represented a crucial step toward the overall aim of the Government of Mongolia to improve the quality, accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of the education sector. This project performance evaluation report concludes that the project met all 17 targets within budget, while continued government investment in ESRP-seeded activities, with ESRP policy initiatives embedded into current government operations and procedures, points to the project’s long-term sustainability.

This evaluation assesses the ESRP highly successful overall. It rates the project highly relevant, highly effective, efficient, and most likely to be sustainable. The development impact is highly satisfactory and the performance of both ADB and executing agency are assessed satisfactory. The evaluation proposes three recommendations: (i) ADB should continue to support the Government of Mongolia to recommence regular development partner coordination meetings, including education sector
development partner coordination meetings; (ii) ADB should brand ongoing and future ADB projects better, to link stakeholder perceptions of investment and improvements with ADB support; and (iii) ADB should promote local knowledge innovations from this project, such as the open source teachers’ platform and translation of seminal texts, across ADB’s education portfolio and showcase them in external development fora.