Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar Air Quality Improvement Program and Ulaanbaatar Air Quality Improvement Program – Phase 2

Evaluation Document | 23 August 2022

The program consisted of two PBLs, $130 million in 2018 and $160 million in 2019. The first subprogram aimed to improve Ulaanbaatar’s air quality by implementing pollution reduction measures and improving urban infrastructure, and to provide budget support. It intended to (i) promote complementary policies for the overall goal of reduced pollution; (ii) develop consistent policy objectives that would encompass sustainable measures to reduce the air pollution levels; and (iii) minimize inconsistent policy actions associated with the overall air pollution reduction goals. Under the second subprogram, ADB supported the government’s development financing needs through reforms that (i) implemented action plans concerning the regulatory framework for air pollution control, (ii) supported the implementation of key measures reduce air pollution and increase health protection, and (iii) implemented mechanisms for environmentally sound and integrated urban energy systems.

This report validates the completion report's assessment of the program. IED overall assessment: Successful.