Nepal: Second Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project

Evaluation Document | 19 June 2020

The Project was designed and implemented to address key issues related to Nepal's rapid urbanization. In particular, the rapid growth of small towns has far outstripped the capacity of their water supply and sanitation (WSS) infrastructure and services. In 2001, ADB initially supported the government’s efforts to address these issues through a first Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project. This follow-up project aimed for improved, affordable and sustainable water supply and sanitation services that are governed and managed by locally accountable representative bodies. The project had three expected outputs: (i) efficient, effective, and accountable urban water supply and sanitation sector developed; (ii) safe, accessible, and adequate water supply and sanitation facilities developed in 20 towns; and (iii) governance and capacity strengthened for project operation and management.

This report validates the completion report's assessment of the project. IED overall assessment: Less than successful.