Nonconsulting Services Administered by ADB Borrowers

Business Guide | June 2018

This guidance note builds on the operational experience of ADB in procuring nonconsulting services and gives advice on the advantages and disadvantages of using different procurement modalities.

It introduces nonconsulting services as a separate category of services that ADB borrowers can procure for their projects. Nonconsulting services comprise both physical and intellectual activities that are routine and measurable in nature (e.g., installation and maintenance services, household surveys, standard audits, website maintenance, event management, interisland shipping, and vocational training). The guidance note reviews roles and responsibilities of borrowers and service providers in procuring and implementing nonconsulting service assignments. It discusses issues that borrowers should consider when planning, procuring, and implementing a nonconsulting service contract.

Video: What are Nonconsulting Services?


  • Introduction
  • Procurement Planning
  • Preparation of Bidding and Contract Documents
  • Bidding, Bid Evaluation, and Contract Award
  • Implementation and Contract Management
  • Appendixes