Operational Plan for Integrated Disaster Risk Management 2014-2020

Institutional Document | April 2014

This document seeks to strengthen disaster resilience in ADB's developing members.

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The Operational Plan for Integrated Disaster Risk Management, 2014–2020 seeks to strengthen disaster resilience in the developing member countries of ADB. The operational plan has three key objectives toward this intended outcome:

  • to promote an integrated disaster risk management approach in ADB’s operations;
  • to strengthen ADB’s developing member country integrated disaster risk management capabilities, knowledge, and resources; and
  • to mobilize additional public and private partnerships and resources for integrated disaster risk management.

This operational plan provides new guidance on the implementation of the 2004 Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy Action Plan, and succeeds the 2008 action plan.

The operational plan recognizes the importance of reducing disaster risk in both the immediate and long term, taking the possible effects of climate change into account. It also highlights the urgent need to enhance the management of residual disaster risk, including through the establishment of adequate disaster risk financing arrangements. It outlines a series of crosscutting actions to address these needs, focusing on institutionalizing integrated disaster risk management, strengthening capacity and knowledge, investing in disaster resilience, and engaging stakeholders.


  • Executive Summary
  • Rationale
  • Directions
  • Implementation Plan
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Appendix

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Environment
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • RPT146429-3
  • 978-92-9254-504-8 (Print)
  • 978-92-9254-505-5 (Electronic)

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