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Pacific Energy Update 2016

Institutional Document | June 2016

ADB is helping build resilient, low-carbon economies in the Pacific, by increasing access to clean, reliable power.

The Pacific region faces a unique set of energy challenges. Its limited supply of domestic fossil fuel resources has led to a historical dependence on imported fuels and a corresponding vulnerability to fluctuating energy prices. At the same time, outdated power infrastructures, geographical constraints, small populations, and limited generation capacity lead to high electricity tariffs (or costly subsidies), transmission and distribution losses, and low electrification rates in a number of Pacific developing member countries.

In spite of existing challenges, Pacific island nations possess a large potential for scaling up the use of renewable energy and strengthening local economies through improvements in energy efficiency. Addressing current challenges presents opportunities to enhance energy security, improve living standards, and build a more prosperous economy.

Generating impact in the Pacific

ADB's Pacific approach sets the goal of achieving sustained, resilient, and improved standards of living to support a region of peace, harmony, security, and economic prosperity. ADB’s work in the energy sector advances this goal by increasing access to clean and reliable energy—a resource that is essential for low-carbon economic growth and improved living conditions.

Energy sector impacts in the Pacific include:

  • enhanced energy security through the efficient use of domestic renewable resources,
  • increased access to affordable power generated by clean and sustainable resources, and
  • improved economic activity and effective governance of public and private sector institutions.

Over the past year, Pacific developing member countries have achieved considerable progress toward improving the quality and quality of energy services. Energy management has improved, efficient and resilient infrastructure has been built, and communities are benefiting from greater access to clean power; however, further progress remains to be achieved. ADB will continue to work with its partners across the Pacific in order to advance regional goals and deliver lasting impacts.


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