Pacific: Regional Operations Business Plan (2021–2023)

Institutional Document | December 2020

The Pacific regional operations business plan (ROBP), 2021–2023 sets out the regional cooperation and integration (RCI) activities ADB in its 14 Pacific developing member countries (DMCs), which are all classified as small island developing states (SIDS).

The ROBP builds on the commitment of ADB’s Strategy 2030 to RCI as an operational priority that helps DMCs move faster and more effectively toward sustainable development outcomes. Three strategic directions guide the implementation of ADB’s RCI programming: greater and higher-quality connectivity, expanded global and regional trade and investment opportunities, and increased and diversified regional public goods. 

The ROBP is closely aligned with ADB’s Pacific Approach, 2016–2020, which aims to (i) reduce the cost of doing business and provide social services; (ii) manage risks from economic shocks, natural hazards, and climate change; and (iii) enable value creation by investing in human capital and supporting private sector development; and with the region’s Framework for Pacific Regionalism. The priorities of the Pacific Approach, 2016–2020 will remain valid for the ROBP, 2021–2023 until the new Pacific Approach for 2021–2025 is considered in 2021.


  • Consistency of business plan with regional cooperation strategy
  • Indicative resource parameters
  • Summary of changes to lending and nonlending programs
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • Regional cooperation and integration

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