Pakistan: National Motorway M–4 Gojra–Shorkot Section Project and National Motorway M–4 Gojra–Shorkot–Khanewal Section Project - Additional Financing

Evaluation Document | 03 January 2024

The project was expected to facilitate north–south connectivity, improve the quality and efficiency of road transport services, and promote inclusive economic growth in Pakistan by constructing a 62 km four-lane, access-controlled motorway connecting Gojra and Shorkot (section II of M-4) and improving the institutional capacity of the National Highway Authority (NHA). The purpose of the additional financing was to scale up the scope of the original project by constructing a 64 km four-lane, access-controlled motorway connecting Shorkot and Khanewal (section III of M-4) as the last remaining section of the national motorway M-4.

This report validates the completion report's assessment of the project. IED overall assessment: Successful.