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Pakistan: Road Sector Development Program

Evaluation Document | 28 December 2013

This performance evaluation report assesses the performance and impact of the project and generates a series of findings, lessons and recommendations to contribute in the future design and implementation of similar ADB projects.

Policy and institutional reforms are necessary to increase the efficiency of the road sector at the national and provincial levels in Pakistan. The Road Sector Development Program addressed the prevailing constraints of policies and institutions as well as the physical infrastructure in Pakistan. The second component of this program (the Sindh component) aimed to improve and rehabilitate important sections of the provincial highway and rural access road networks in Sindh Province as well as to introduce provincial institutional and policy reforms. This report evaluates this component as another report assesses the program loan component.

Overall, the evaluation assessed the Sindh project as successful. The physical and institutional subcomponents were relevant because they addressed specific needs. The chosen method of achieving outcomes was rated effective largely because of the physical subcomponent, which fully met expected results. The component was rated efficient as a result of its high economic returns despite the considerable implementation delays. Provincial reforms, which would have contributed to asset preservation and sustainability were not completed, which is why the component was rated less than likely sustainable.

Among the lessons from the evaluation includes project readiness in the key areas of detailed design, safeguards, procurement, and establishment of the project implementation unit. The implementation of the investment and reform programs requires developing knowledge and understanding, processes, procedures and the project implementation framework. A well-qualified and experienced project team leader and consultants' familiarity with ADB processes are essential to implement an ADB-financed project.


  • Basic data
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Design and implementation
  • Policy assessment
  • Other assessments
  • Issues and lessons
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