Papua New Guinea: Country Strategy and Program Update (2003-2005) | Asian Development Bank

Papua New Guinea: Country Strategy and Program Update (2003-2005)

Institutional Document | August 2002

This document updates Papua New Guinea's Country Strategy and Program (CSP) for 2003-2005.

The Country Strategy and Program (CSP) is prepared in active consultation with developing member country stakeholders: the government, NGOs, civil society groups, the private sector and other development agencies. It is usually prepared once every five years. A CSP update is prepared every year to reflect any important country developments and adjustments to the program.


  • Current Development Trends and Issues
    • Recent Political and Social Developments
    • Economic Assessment and Outlook
    • Implications for the Country Strategy and Program
  • Implementation of the Country Strategy and Program
    • Progress under the Poverty Partnership Agreement
    • Progress in the Country Strategy and Program Focus Areas
    • Highlights in Coordination with External Funding and Partnership Arrangements
  • Portfolio Management Issues
    • Portfolio Performance
    • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Country Performance and Lending Levels
    • Lending Level Proposed
    • Summary of Changes to Lending and Nonlending Program
  • Appendixes
    • Country and Portfolio Indicators, and Assistance Pipeline
    • Concept Papers for Lending Products
    • Concept Papers for Nonlending Products and Services