Partnering for Development: Donor Report 2014

Institutional Document | April 2015

ADB is committed to strengthening its partnerships with multilateral and bilateral organizations, foundations, and other emerging development partners to create greater synergies in response to the needs of developing Asia and the Pacific

Thanks to robust partnerships with its development partners, ADB achieved $22.9 billion in operations in 2014 by leveraging $9.2 billion in cofinancing—a record high for ADB—with $13.7 billion of its own resources. Of the total cofinancing, $4.4 billion was obtained through partnerships with official and other concessional financing sources, including bilateral and multilateral organizations, other public agencies, foundations, and corporate social responsibility programs. Financing support from these development partners increased by 15% in the face of global fiscal constraints, from $3.8 billion in 2013. ADB’s partnerships remained strong, as evidenced by the highlights and milestones of ADB operations in 2014.

Value for our partners’ money


The Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network in its 2013 assessment gave ADB high marks for organizational effectiveness. This identified the following key strengths of ADB:

  • A clear strategy aligned to its mandate and to the changing needs of developing member countries.
  • Commitment to managing for development results, at both corporate and country levels. At the corporate level, this commitment is evident in the refinement of the former results framework (2009–2012) and the recent adoption of an outcome-oriented results framework (2013–2016). At the country level, the quality of the results framework shows ADB’s commitment to results.
  • Financial accountability. Audit practices, anticorruption measures, and risk management processes are in place.
  • Use of performance information to revise policies and plan new interventions, act on recommendations, and allocate resources.
  • Performance-oriented programming of ADB’s country and regional processes. Milestones and targets track the progress of project implementation.
  • Strong contributions to policy dialogue and respect for the views of clients.
  • High-quality and independent evaluations, managed by the Independent Evaluation Department.

About this report


This publication is intended for current and prospective official and other concessional development financing partners of ADB. It highlights the importance of partnerships, results achieved and ADB’s reporting of results, and it includes stories of successes to illustrate the effectiveness of partnerships and the improvements they can make in the lives of the poor.

ADB partners can benefit from the wide range of financing options presented here as they seek to begin or expand their commitment to developing Asia and the Pacific and to support ADB’s strategic priorities confirmed during the midterm review of its long-term strategic framework, Strategy 2020.


  • Partnerships: A Powerful Leverage 
  • Leveraging Resources
  • 2014 Highlights: Official and Other Concessional Cofinancing
  • 2014 Milestones
  • ADB Continues to Work Hard to Increase Value for Our Partners’ Money
  • 2014 Partnerships at a Glance
  • Partners’ New Commitments and Replenishments of Trust Funds and Allocations from Global Funding Initiatives, 2014
  • Cofinancing by Source, 2014
  • Framework Cofinancing Arrangements, 2014
  • Strengthening Partnerships in Strategic Priority Areas: Responding to the Region’s Needs
  • ADB Makes Strides as an Honest Broker
  • Toward More Efficient and Effective Financing Partnerships

Additional Details

  • ADB funds and products
  • Cofinancing
  • Public sector (Sovereign) financing
  • ARM157165-2

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