Partnering for Development: Donor Report 2017

Institutional Document | May 2018

In 2017, ADB’s operations reached $32.22 billion. Its own commitment of $20.09 billion for loans, grants and investments, and $201 million for technical assistance (TA), leveraged $11.92 billion in cofinancing.

Its own commitment of $20.09 billion for loans, grants and investments, and $201 million for technical assistance (TA), leveraged $11.92 billion in cofinancing. Of the total cofinancing, $6.16 billion was obtained through partnerships with official and other concessional cofinancing sources, including bilateral and multilateral organizations, trust funds, and other public agencies and foundations.

These figures are based on ADB’s new performance measure of “commitments,” or the amount of loans, grants, and investments signed or committed to projects in a given year. ADB introduced this measure in 2017 to promote project readiness at approval stage, expedite post-approval steps, and achieve faster disbursement, by placing more emphasis on when financed facilities are executed, rather than when they are approved.

Partnerships in the Sectors

ADB continues its work across many sectors in 2017 to improve the lives of people throughout the region. Energy, Transport and Finance sectors received the largest cofinancing during the year, with $2.25 billion, $1.58 billion and $1.07 billion, respectively. Together, they represent about 80% of total cofinancing commitments in 2017.

ADB also continues to intensify efforts to report and disseminate how assistance by ADB and its development partners make a real difference in the lives of people, especially those who need it most. The Donor Report 2017 features nine project stories from various sectors where cofinancing have made significant impact.

About this report

This publication is intended for current and prospective official and other concessional development financing partners of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It focuses on the importance of partnerships, results achieved, and ADB’s reporting of results. This report features stories of successes illustrating the effectiveness of partnerships and the improvements they can make in the lives of the poor in vulnerable countries that need support. ADB partners benefit from the wide range of financing options presented here as they seek to begin or expand their commitment to developing Asia and the Pacific and to support ADB’s strategic priorities confirmed during the midterm review of its long-term strategic framework, Strategy 2020.


  • Partnering Together
  • Partnerships at a Glance
  • Partnerships in the Sectors
  • Partnership Results
  • Strengthening Partnerships and Responding to Development Challenges in the Region
  • Increasing Financing Partnership Efficiency
  • Appendixes

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