Philippines: Country Partnership Strategy (2011-2016)

Institutional Document | October 2011

This Country Partnership Strategy for the Philippines defines ADB's strategic approach in the country for 2012–2016.

Linked Documents
  1. Economic Analysis (Summary)
  2. Poverty Analysis (Summary)
  3. Gender Analysis (Summary)
  4. Environment Assessment (Summary)
  5. Private Sector Assessment (Summary)
  6. Sector Assessment (Summary): Transport
  7. Sector Assessment (Summary): Energy
  8. Sector Assessment (Summary): Education
  9. Sector Assessment (Summary): Agriculture and Natural Resources
  10. Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan (Summary)
  11. Country and Portfolio Indicators
  12. Country Cost-Sharing Arrangements and Eligible Expenditure Financing Parameters
  13. Country Partnership Strategy Formulation
  14. Country Strategy Final Review
  15. Country Operations Business Plan
  16. Country Assistance Program Evaluation
  17. Public Sector Management Subsector Assessment (Summary): Investment Climate
  18. Public Sector Management Subsector Assessment (Summary): Fiscal Policy
  19. Public Sector Management Subsector Assessment (Summary): Legal and Judiciary Reforms
  20. Public Sector Management Subsector Assessment (Summary): Decentralization and Local Governance
  21. Sector Assessment (Summary): Health and Social Protection
  22. Sector Assessment (Summary): Water Supply and Other Municipal Infrastructure and Services
  23. Sector Assessment (Summary): Finance
  24. Thematic Assessment (Summary): Good Governance and Political Economy
  25. Thematic Assessment (Summary): Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction
  26. Strategy 2020 Core Operational Area Assessment (Summary): Regional Cooperation and Integration
  27. Philippines: Critical Development Constraints
  28. Information Note on Revisions of National Accounts in 2011 and Implications for the Country Partnership Strategy
  29. Assessment of Country Safeguards Systems (Summary)

The Country Partnership Strategy for the Philippines is aligned with Strategy 2020, the country's own development strategy, and ADB's comparative strengths, and complement efforts by its development partners.


  • Country at a Glance
  • Development Trends and Issues
  • The Country Strategy
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Results Management
  • Appendixes

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