Philippines: Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Assessment, Strategy, and Road Map

Institutional Document | January 2013

The report presents a current assessment of the Philippines' water supply and sanitation sector, and the strategic investment priorities of the Government of the Philippines and the Asian Development Bank regarding it.

The report highlights the sector's past performance, the current constraints facing its development, and the government's plans and strategies for future development of the sector. The report also reviews ADB's overall experience with the sector, as well as the support and experience of other development partners.

The sector road map presented in the report outlines key ADB initiatives for reducing water supply shortages and improving sanitation in urban areas. For 2013, these initiatives include preparation of loans for financing (i) the Water District Development Sector Project, (ii) the Urban Water and Sanitation Sector Project, (iii) the Angat Water Transmission Improvement Project, and (iv) future technical assistance and lending activities to be discussed with the Government that may include a sector project for water utilities administered by local government units and other agencies.


  • Sector Assessment: Context and Strategic Issues
  • Sector Strategy
  • Sector Road Map and Results Framework
  • Appendixes