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Bangladesh: Ninth Power Project

Evaluation Document | 31 December 2009

This report evaluates the performance of the Ninth Power Project aimed to improve the electric supply in Dhaka area and nearby rural areas in Bangladesh.


This report presents the findings of the performance evaluation for the Ninth Power Project, approved in December 1996. The objectives of the project were to:

  • enable evacuation of the power generated from the Meghnaghat Power Project;
  • improve the use of existing system assets through optimized load dispatch;
  • commence the unbundling of Bangladesh Power Development Board into separate generation, transmission, and distribution entities; and aid the corporatization of the transmission segment;
  • create a corporatized distribution entity for the Dhaka area; and
  • prepare projects for possible financing by private sector developers and ADB. ADB's loan of $88.1 million was to finance the following project components:
    • construction of 230-kilovolt transmission lines and substations association with Meghnaghat Power Project;
    • construction of a national load dispatch center and associated communication network;
    • construction of 280-kilometers of 132-,33-,11-, and 0.4 kilovolt distribution systems, provide about 91,000 new consumer connections in metropolitan Dhaka, and enhance distribution capacity by about 200 megavolt-ampere and 22,000 new consumer connections in the Mirpur area of the city; and
    • provision of engineering services for the West Zone combined-cycle and the East Zone open-cycle peaking power projects.


  • Contents
  • Basic Data
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Design and Implementation
  • Performance Assessment
  • Other Assessments
  • Issues, Lessons, and Follow-up Actions
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