Prevention of Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Staff

Institutional Document | March 2003

This guide provides staff with guiding principles on how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

ADB has adopted a policy on preventing sexual harassment because of our commitment to maintaining mutual respect, safety, and tolerance in the workplace. This policy encourages senior staff, supervisors, and mission leaders to prevent harassment through establishing a climate of mutual respect among their staff.

The policy applies equally to men and women. It covers professional staff, national officers, administrative staff, consultants, employees of contractors to ADB, people seeking work with ADB, and visitors. It applies to headquarters, resident missions and offices, and in the field, such as on ADB missions. Social functions that are part of official business are also covered.


  • Foreword
  • Commitment and Scope
  • Defining Sexual Harassment
  • The Role of the Helpers and the Staff Counselor
  • The Role of Senior Staff and Mission Leaders
  • Complaining about Harassment

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance

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