Problem Solving: Guidebook for ADB-Assisted Projects

Business Guide | February 2016

Project managers often face problems with projects. By building problem solving and problem collaboration into projects, managers can ensure that problems are dealt with promptly.

This guidebook is a reference document structured using a problem solving approach and supplemented with tools and techniques that can be used to effectively implement a problem solving process. While suggestive in most places, it is not a policy document, and its contents are not mandatory for operations staff to use.


  • Introduction
  • How to Use It
  • Projects and Problems
  • Introduction to Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Phase 1 - Review & Expound
  • Phase 2 - Solicit
  • Phase 3 - Observe
  • Phase 4 - Analyze Options
  • Phase 5 - Improve
  • Phase 6 - Evaluate
  • Summary and Conclusion
  • References