Standard Bidding Documents and User’s Guide to Procurement of Works

Business Document | June 2018

This document guides borrowers on how to prepare a bidding document for a unit price type of work contracts and evaluate bids and award contracts.

This User’s Guide is intended to provide guidance to borrowers on how to prepare a bidding document for an admeasurement (unit price) type of works contract, and how to evaluate bids and award contracts, based on the Asian Development Bank’s Standard Bidding Document for the Procurement of Works that are available for cases of “with” and “without” prequalification.

The SBDs make use of the Conditions of Contract for Construction for Building and Engineering Works Designed by the Employer, Multilateral Development Bank Harmonized Edition 2010 (FIDIC MDB - June 2010), prepared by the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseil, or FIDIC.

This guide is applicable to projects governed by the Procurement Regulations for ADB Borrowers: Goods, Works, Nonconsulting and Consulting Services (2017), as amended from time to time).


  • The Bidding Process
  • Invitation for Bids
  • Section 1: Instructions to Bidders
  • Section 2: Bid Data Sheet
  • Section 3: Evaluation and Qualification Criteria
  • Section 4: Bidding Forms
  • Section 5: Eligible Countries
  • Section 6: Employer’s Requirements
  • Section 7: General Conditions of Contract
  • Section 8: Particular Conditions of Contract
  • Section 9: Contract Forms