Business Guide | June 2018

Prequalification is a process associated with open competitive bidding wherein the borrower (or grant recipient) assesses the suitability of applicants to carry out a specific contract before inviting them to submit bids.

This guidance note discusses prequalification as a mechanism to ensure that only qualified applicants submit bids for the supply of goods, works, and services, and processes to be followed for projects financed in whole or in part by an ADB loan or grant, or by ADB-administered funds. Under ADB’s 2017 procurement framework, there are new features to the prequalification process, including the ability to limit the number of qualified applicants that are invited to bid and criteria for historical contract nonperformance. Prequalification is optional and should be used on a “fit-for-purpose” basis, where the nature and complexity of the contract enable the value of prequalification to exceed its costs and risks.

Video: What is Prequalification and when does it apply?


  • Introduction
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Prequalification
  • Considerations When Using Prequalification
  • Prequalification Process