Procurement Review

Business Guide | June 2018

Procurement reviews—prior review and post review—are conducted to ensure that funds for projects are used for purposes for which they were granted.

This guidance note provides information on the two methods that ADB uses to review a borrower’s procurement processes: prior review and post review (sampling). This applies to projects financed in whole or in part by a loan or grant from ADB, or by ADB-administered funds. The review aims to ensure that the borrower’s procurement processes comply with the agreed procurement procedures. This guidance note discusses the method for determining the most appropriate type of review applicable to specific contracts based on the project procurement risk rating and on contract values and complexity, and highlights other factors to consider in performing each type of review.

Video: What is Procurement Review?


  • Introduction
  • Prior Review
  • Post Review (Sampling)
  • Contract Review and Sampling Methodology