Standstill Period

Business Guide | June 2018

A standstill period allows unsuccessful bidders an opportunity to challenge an intended contract award decision before the actual notification of award. This may improve levels of competition and make the procurement process transparent and fair.

This guidance note addresses the issue of standstill periods in procurement. Now, subject to national standstill provisions, or those of another development partner, it is possible to instigate a standstill period to allow unsuccessful bidders the opportunity to challenge a contract award decision for ADB projects. The standstill period will be described in the project’s procurement plan and the applicable processes described in the bidding documents. ADB recommends a standstill period of not less than 10 working days following the notification of intent to award a contract, during which the bidders may challenge the award decision.

Video: What is Standstill Period and what purpose does it serve?


  • Introduction
  • The Standstill Process