Project Administration Instructions (PAI)

Institutional Document | January 2024

The Project Administration Instructions (PAIs) outline the policies and procedures to be followed by ADB staff involved in the administration of ADB-financed loan and technical assistance (TA) projects.

The Project Administration Instructions (PAIs) outline the policies and procedures to be followed by ADB staff involved in the administration of ADB-financed loan and technical assistance (TA) projects.

The PAIs are used in conjunction with operational documents including the Loan Regulations, Operations Manual (OM), Guidelines for Procurement Under Asian Development Bank Loans (Guidelines for Procurement), Guidelines on the Use of Consultants by the Asian Development Bank and its Borrowers (Guidelines for Use of Consultants), and the Loan Disbursement Handbook.

Note: Previous versions of the PAIs under series 1, 4, 5 and 6 applicable to projects defined under the transitional arrangements for ADB's new operating model (NOM) are available here.


PAI No. Subject Date Issued Date Revised
Preparatory Actions
1.01 Scope and General Guidelines   Dec 2023
1.02 Initial Project Administration Activities   Dec 2023
1.03 Organizational Framework for Project Administration   14 Dec 2018
1.04 Signing of Loan and Technical Assistance Letter/Agreement   Dec 2023
1.05 Conditions and Declaration of Loan Effectiveness   Jun 2023
1.06 Project Administration Manual   Dec 2023
Recruiting Consultants
2.01 Definitions, Principles, and Responsibilities 18 Oct 2010 Apr 2022
2.02 Preparing the Consultant Recruitment 18 Oct 2010 Mar 2022
2.03 General Procedure for Selecting and Engaging Consultants 18 Oct 2010 Mar 2022
2.04 Specific Requirements for Recruiting Consultants by ADB 18 Oct 2010 Oct 2022
2.05 Specific Requirements for Recruiting Consultants by the EA 18 Oct 2010 Aug 2018
2.06 Consultant Contract Management 18 Oct 2010 Apr 2022
2.07 Consultant Performance Evaluation 18 Oct 2010 Mar 2022
3.01 ADB Procurement System   Jun 2018
3.02 Preparatory Work for Procurement   Jun 2022
3.03 International Competitive Bidding   Jun 2022
3.04 Modified International Competitive Bidding   Jun 2018
3.05 National Competitive Bidding   Jun 2022
3.06 Other Methods of Procurement   Jun 2018
3.07 Procurement Methods in Special Circumstances and Other Procurement Arrangements   Jun 2018
3.08 Electronic Procurement   Jun 2018
3.09 Project Supervision During the Bidding Process   Jun 2018
3.10 Functions and Rules of the Procurement Committee   Jun 2022
3.11 Procurement Contract Monitoring, Supervision, and Review   Jun 2022
3.12 Creating and Updating Executing Agency-Administered Contract Record 2 Oct 2018 Jan 2022
4.01 Conditions for Withdrawal and Disbursement of Loan Proceeds   12 Jan 2024
4.02 Suspension and Cancellation of Loans   Dec 2023
4.03 Loan Closing Dates   Dec 2023
4.04 Controlling Adverse Effects of Foreign Exchange Fluctuations on Cofinanced Grant and Cofinanced Technical Assistance Administered by ADB 21 Dec 2001 Dec 2023
Project Administration Actions
5.01 Executing Agency’s Progress Report   Dec 2023
5.02 Change in Loan Projects   Dec 2023
5.03 Reallocation of Loan Proceeds, Change in Counterpart Funding and Change in Disbursement Percentage   Dec 2023
5.04 Utilizing Surplus Loan Proceeds   Dec 2023
5.05 Project Cost Overruns for Loan Projects   Jun 2023
5.06 Counterpart Financing for Loan Projects   Dec 2023
5.08 Project Performance Monitoring   Dec 2023
5.09 Administering Technical Assistance   Dec 2023
5.10 Emergency Assistance Loan   Dec 2023
Internal Procedures and Reports
6.01 Project Administration Reviews   Dec 2023
6.02 Project Administration Missions   Dec 2023
6.03 Reports by Project and Technical Assistance Administration Missions   Dec 2023
6.04 Loan Milestone and Change Event   Dec 2023
6.06 Reports to the Board of Directors on Loan and Technical Assistance Portfolio Performance   Jun 2023
6.07 Project Completion Report and Extended Annual Review Report    
  A: Project Completion Report for Sovereign Operations 5 Jul 2019 Dec 2023
  B: Extended Annual Review Report for Nonsovereign Operations 21 Jul 2008 Jun 2018
6.08 Technical Assistance Completion Report   Dec 2023

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