Proposed Energy Policy: Supporting Low-Carbon Transition in Asia and the Pacific

Institutional Document | August 2021

The working paper has been circulated to ADB’s Board of Directors on 16 August 2021 for initial feedback and is disclosed publicly in parallel.

The working paper is an updated version of the first draft policy document released in May for public consultation. The working paper is the result of extensive consultations with ADB shareholders, development partners, international organizations, energy policy and technology experts, civil society organizations, and the public. The finalized version is expected to be submitted to ADB’s Board of Directors for formal consideration in October 2021.


  • Introduction
  • Energy Sector Issues
  • Lessons
  • Overarching Considerations for Energy Operations
  • The Proposed 2021 Energy Policy
  • Implementation Arrangements
  • Request for Board Guidance
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Energy

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