Documents for Recruitment of Firms and Individual Consultants by Executing Agencies

Business Guide | April 2024

Expression of interest, request for proposal, and forms and templates to be used by executing agencies when engaging firms or individual consultants for loans and grant-financed projects

Recruitment of firms

Harmonized Standard Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Recruitment of Consulting Firms

SRFP updated January 2023. The template follows the Harmonized RFP.

The Summary and Personnel Evaluation Sheets (SES/PES) forms part of the RFP.

Guide and Model Narrative Evaluation Criteria (NEC) for FTP, STP and BTP evaluation

Template for Small Assignments Contract for smaller value assignments under monetary threshold set by ADB.

Submission Documents (Revised April 2024)


Recruitment of individual consultants

Submission Documents (Revised June 2018)


For a copy of the previous versions of the request for proposal and other documents, please send an email.