Report of the Task Force on Institutional Arrangements for Cooperation with Nongovernment Organizations

Institutional Document | November 2000

The report provides recommendations on retaining, strengthening, or modifying existing institutional arrangements and on creating new structures and mechanisms to promote and support more effective ADB-NGO cooperation.

In 1999, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) renewed its dedication to poverty reduction as its overarching goal and mission. Its comprehensive long-term strategy for poverty reduction is built on the three pillars of (i) pro-poor, sustainable economic growth, (ii) social development, and (iii) good governance, all of which are at the center of the agenda of nongovernment organizations (NGOs) involved in development. Therefore, NGO activity now influences or will affect virtually every aspect of ADB


  • Introduction
  • ADB and NGOs: Effective and Sustainable Development
  • Directions in NGO Cooperation: A Changing Environment
  • Assessment of ADB Cooperation with NGOs
  • Summary of Issues and Areas for Strengthening
  • Task Force Considerations
  • Recommended Core Team-with-Network System
  • Recommended Network Operation
  • Implementation Plan
  • Appendixes