Results Framework Indicator Definitions

Institutional Document | April 2024

This document is a compilation of definitions and methodologies for the results framework indicators defined in ADB Corporate Results Framework, 2019–2024.

The Results Framework Indicator Definitions document provides the definitions and methodologies for the results framework indicators of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Corporate Results Framework, 2019–2024. Results framework indicators are complemented by tracking indicators, formerly known as standard explanatory data indicators. Definitions of the tracking indicators are included in a separate note. This guidance is for internal use by ADB staff. It will be updated as necessary to reflect good practices and lessons learned.


  • Introduction
  • Level 1: Regional Development Progress in Asia and the Pacific
  • Level 2: Results from Completed Operations
  • Level 3: ADB's Operational Management
  • Level 4: ADB's Organizational Effectiveness

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Managing for Development Results (MfDR)

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