Sector-wide Evaluation: ADB’s Finance Sector Operations, 2011–2021

Evaluation Document | 22 November 2022

This evaluation assessed the relevance and effectiveness of ADB’s finance sector operations during 2011–2021. It evaluated the relevance of ADB's 2011 Finance Sector Operational Plan vis-à-vis evolving financial markets and ADB’s Strategy 2030. The evaluation considered the extent to which ADB’s finance sector operations strengthened the foundation for financial sector development, expanded inclusive finance, developed capital markets and contractual savings for financing infrastructure, strengthened financial stability and integrity, and enhanced regional cooperation and integration to promote cross-border capital flows.

The report evaluated the value addition of ADB through its finance sector operations and its organizational structure and institutional processes for delivering long-term and sustainable results. The evaluation aimed to contribute to the development of the finance sector directional guide and bolster the success of ADB’s finance sector operations to enable delivery of ADB’s Strategy 2030 operational priorities.