User's Guide on the Selection of Consulting Services for Borrowers

Business Document | March 2022

This document guides borrowers on how to prepare a bidding document for the procurement of consulting services.

This User’s Guide is intended to provide guidance to borrowers on how to prepare a bidding document for the procurement of consulting services using the Asian Development Bank’s Standard Request for Proposal (SRFP).

The procedures and practices presented in the SRFP have been developed based on international experience and on the Master Procurement Document for Selection of Consultants (Master Document) prepared by multilateral development banks and other public international financial institutions. They are structured according to and contain the provisions of the Master Document, except where ADB-specific considerations have required a change. The SRFP must be used for the procurement of consulting services for loans, grants, and delegated technical assistance (TA) financed in whole or in part by ADB or by ADB-administered funds unless ADB agrees to the use of other acceptable standard bidding documents.


  • Introduction
  • Flowchart: Executing Agency-Administered Consulting Firm Recruitment, with Prior Review by ADB
  • Preparing the Request for Proposals
  • Preliminaries
  • Section 1: Letter of Invitation
  • Section 2: Instructions to Consultants and Data Sheet
  • Section 3: Technical Proposal—Standard Forms
  • Section 4: Financial Proposal—Standard Forms
  • Section 5: Eligible Countries
  • Section 6: Anticorruption Policy
  • Section 7: Terms of Reference (TOR)
  • Section 8: Conditions of Contract and Contract Forms
  • Special Topics