Status Report on the Asian Tsunami Fund (July-December 2007) | Asian Development Bank

Status Report on the Asian Tsunami Fund (July-December 2007)

Institutional Document | March 2008

This report is the sixth semiannual report of the Asian Tsunami Fund covering the period from July to December 2007. Only essential contextual information from earlier status reports has been repeated here.

The Asian Tsunami Fund (ATF) was established as a unique and dedicated source of grant financing to support, on a multisectoral basis, the priority rehabilitation and reconstruction needs of the countries affected by the December 2004 tsunami. Following an initial contribution to the ATF by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), other development partners extended their own grant resources to the ATF on a joint basis with ADB. Periodic reports on the use of the ATF and the activities financed under it have been provided to the contributors and ADB's Board of Directors since the ATF's establishment in February 2005. This report covers the period from July to December 2007, and is the sixth semiannual report.


  • Introduction
  • Amounts and Recipients of Grants
  • ADB's Performance
  • ADB's Capacity to Supervise, Control, or Monitor the Use of Resources
  • Other Major Issues and Activities
  • Conclusion