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Statute of the ADB Institute

Institutional Document | July 2018

As provided in ADB Board of Director's Paper on the Establishment of the Asian Development Bank Institute, this Statute came into force in October 1996. It has been amended by the Board of Directors in April 1998, March 2004 and July 2018 as described in the Notes. This is a consolidation of the Statute, as amended to present.

The statute sets out the establishment, objectives, and management of the Asian Development Bank Institute.


  • Notes
  • Article I: Establishment
  • Article II: Objectives
  • Article III: Functions
  • Article IV: Advisory Council
  • Article V: Functions of the Dean
  • Article VI: Staff
  • Article VII: Finance and Administration
  • Article VIII: Location and Premises
  • Article IX: Working Language
  • Article X: Legal Status, Immunities, Exemptions and Privileges
  • Article XI: Amendments