Strategy 2030 Evaluation

Evaluation Document | 17 March 2023

ONGOING EVALUATION. Strategy 2030 is Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) long-term strategy. It builds on a series of corporate strategies emphasizing ADB’s role to promote prosperity. Each strategy articulated ADB’s overarching objectives and vision, described its understanding of the Asia and the Pacific region’s development context and challenges, and outlined the specifics of its development approach. ADB approved Strategy 2030 in July 2018. 

The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) plans to evaluate the early implementation of Strategy 2030 by combining a review of the first five years of implementation with an analysis of the current context. The evaluation will focus on the role and contribution of corporate strategies in ADB, the impact of Strategy 2030 on how ADB operates and its development effectiveness, the role of Strategy 2030 in creating incentives for operational and organizational shifts, and the impact of global events on Strategy 2030 and new challenges for the region. The evaluation aims to inform the ADB Board of Directors and Management on the implementation of Strategy 2030 and make recommendations to support ADB's development effectiveness and strengthen its relevance. The evaluation is timed to complement other stocktaking exercises, including ADB's midterm review of Strategy 2030.